Think Inside the Box

Do More in Less Space!

Supply chains are continually challenged to meet warehouse operating cost targets.

Reducing space and labor requirements in design is critical to meeting these goals.

Since 1999, Distribution Property Solutions, Inc. (DPSI) has helped distribution and manufacturing clients optimize space, reduce labor and improve energy efficiency.

By using “Think Inside the Box” strategies, existing operations can be converted from obsolete or inefficient to optimized high cube labor saving operations.

Choosing a design team early in the facility acquisition process is key to saving time and money.

Design Build Services

From Concept to Completion

The DPSI design and engineering team manages each project from initial concept through final project implementation.


Turnkey Project Management and collaboration with suppliers, sub contractors and city officials is critical to meeting your deadlines.

Our goal is to provide the heavy lifting of project management so you can focus on your customers.

New seismic activity in areas not considered active in the past are creating challenges for companies that want to store products in high cube applications.


Ensuring warehouse design and structural components meet or exceed seismic code are vital to meeting schedules and budgets.

Engaging our design team early in your planning process is always recommended.

Contact us before you choose your next building!

Warehouse Optimization

Enhance Operational Productivity

3D optimization tools help provide accurate facility sizing and product placement assistance to ensure accuracy help visualize final results for optimum productivity


Using your product data and inventory levels imported into our slotting tool is the best method to ensure an accurate design with growth built in.

Enhanced analysis tools take the guess work out of the design process!

Storage systems vary from simple floor stack up to fully automated pallet and case handling.  Robotics and ergonomic lifting systems are becoming popular as labor becomes more competitive and less abundant.


Each building footprint, customer base and product mix is different so having a wide variety of solutions that will help your business grow while keeping costs down is critical to staying competitive.

High Density Storage Systems

Maximize Cubic Capacity



Conventional and Automated Pallet Shuttle systems provide an excellent solution for bulk pallet handling.

Video thumbnail for wistia video Modular Cold Storage


Eliminate storage aisles and double storage capacity in the same footprint.  Our systems are robust and durable.

Video thumbnail for wistia video Modular Cold Storage


Pallet Flow, Pushback, Double Deep and VNA systems are great options to enhance storage capacity.



Brand growth and consumer demand for variety requires many storage options for beverage warehouses.